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Customer Reviews for My Roofing Crew in Springfield, TN

Explore what our customers have to say about their experiences with My Roofing Crew. From residential roof repairs to commercial installations, our commitment to delivering high-quality roofing solutions shines through in every review. These testimonials reflect our dedication to craftsmanship, timely completion, and superior customer service, making us a trusted choice in the roofing industry.

My Roofing Crew will be my FIRST phone call! I know so many friends and family members that have been SO HAPPY!! Noel and Liz Garza are exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, affordable, and not to mention the love they have for our community!! They continuously Sponsor events for our church (Grace Baptist) our July 4th Freedom Fest, and so much more.. Whatever our community needs, we know we can reach out to My Roofing Crew for support!

Jackie Rawls

We had storm damage to our roof in April and filed a claim with our insurance company. James from My Roofing Crew was very helpful in dealing with the insurance company to get a roof replacement, since our original shingles were discontinued 10 years ago. After a lot of back and forth with the insurance company a new roof was finally installed in July. My Roofing Crew did a great job with the installation and we are very happy with our new roof and how it looks.

Glenn Pitts

James and Rob were extremely helpful in getting my roof replaced. They were both very professional and knowledgeable not only about the roofing industry but also how to work with the insurance company. They were very timely with immediate follow up to questions and concerns and went the extra mile to work with the local municipality on codes for roof replacement and held the insurance company inspectors accountable for their lack of knowledge, effort and corner cutting. The crew was wonderful in the demolition process and protected all components of the house, drive way, landscaping, and lawn. When they where done the gutters were cleaned and other than a beautiful new roof, you would not know they were there! I highly recommend My Roofing Crew!

Duane Talhouk

My Roofing Crew had fantastic communication through the entire process and arrived exactly when they said they would. Great service for the cost, and they gave me a thorough explanation of the condition of my roof with what to expect in the years to come. One of the most professional and courteous experiences I’ve had with a company. I highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of roof inspection, repair, or replacement services.

Tim Allen

My experience with “My Roofing Crew” was great. Ronnie did an excellent job of providing feedback to any questions I had. The quote I received was thorough, detailed, and competitive. Very straight forward and responsive company. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jason Trusty

This company exceeded our expectations in all respects. We found ourselves in a difficult position after homeowners insurance after they declined to replace a roof that was badly damaged from high winds. Not only did they provide a service that was amazing start to finish they assisted us to appeal the insurance companies offer to only replace a few shingles. They were professional, friendly, fast, effective and most importantly the work was stellar. You won’t meet a better team of professionals. If you need a roof look no further. You will not be disappointed.

Valerie Burns

I am SO pleased I chose My Roofing Crew to repair my leaking roof. I wanted to get the repair done quickly, before the next rainfall. A friend who’s an insurance agent referred me to My Roofing Crew, saying she’s never had a negative comment from any of her clients about them; almost unheard of in this line of business. And now I know why: they are prompt, do good work AND have excellent customer service. A trifecta! Project Manager & Estimator Matt Clinard was exceptional. When we need another whole-house roof replacement, I will only consider My Roofing Crew.

Lynne Warne

Noel, Jennifer, and all of their roofing crew did an incredible job replacing our roof; not only with timely completion, but clean up as well. The staff went above and beyond finalizing every detail to satisfy us. Plus, they take great pride in providing high quality materials and service. Our roof is “proof”. Without hesitation, we HIGHLY recommend!

Melissa Anderson

My Roofing Crew is an amazing company that really cares about making sure their customers are taken care of quickly with quality work and clear communication. We had a couple leaks in our roof this spring that popped up just before a major storm and they were still able to make sure our roof was repaired even though their work load was insane.

Elizabeth Schnell

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We love hearing from our clients! If you’ve had a positive experience with My Roofing Crew, please consider leaving a review. Your feedback not only helps us; it also assists others in the community in making informed decisions about their roofing needs.

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